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Mark Kenyon


Mark Kenyon

I am a Web developer who believes passionately in Web Standards and building accessible web pages. The sites that I have created try and demonstrate the techniques necessary to achieve this as I believe in making the web a better place where everyone can participate.

Why would you want less people to be able to visit your site?

I also love football, cycling and table soccer. Different people like different things, but almost any subject can be interesting if expressed with enthusiasm.


My father became severely disabled through illness towards the end of his life. He became less and less independent and it was harder and harder for him to participate. It was Britain in 1999 and the tools were just not available to help him. People were becoming aware of the existence of the World Wide Web, but unfortunately it was not widespread or accessible. It could have made a world of difference to his life, enabling him to hold on to more of his independence for a longer time.

That would have been quite a gift.

The World Wide Web today is becoming ubiquitous, but it is still not that accessible. I think that should continue to change.


My father also passed on his love of football to me, and in particular Everton Football Club. I still love the game and that Grand Old Team, but I despair at how the game is now engineered for profit far more than pride; corporation not community.


Oh I also have an unhealthy obsession with the table football game subbuteo. It was invented by Peter Adolph in the 1950's and remained popular certainly into the eighties. The very best site for information on this wonderful old game is by Peter Upton. Everything you ever wanted to know really.