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Blog Entry: iKits Subbuteo iPhone Application

a design interpretation of a subbuteo figure

My First iPhone Application: iKits.


19th October 2010


iKits is my first run at designing an application for the iPhone. It is essentially an application for subbuteo hobbyists like myself and allows you to choose an English League football team in order to view the unique Subbuteo reference for that team, along with its image, for a particular season.

Screenshots of the iKits iPhone application

This first version of the application covers the seasons from 1970 to 1975 and includes the heavyweight figures produced by subbuteo in the range from Reference 1 to Reference 190. At the moment it only covers English League sides for that period. Future versions will extend this, but I wanted to develope something quickly to undertake the process of publishing an application onto the app store.

It is free application which is available from the app store. The information is based on information gathered from the many subbuteo sources on the internet, with Peter Upton's magnificent site again figuring strongly. However, as I did not have access to the actual catalogues produced by Subbuteo for the seasons covered, I cannot be absolutley certain that all the details are correct. If anyone with more information can update me I would be most grateful and any changes will be included in the next version

Next Version

There are a number of improvements that I have in mind for future versions:

Any other suggestions are most welcome.


Note: The iPhone images above were created with the help of iPhone templates kindly provided by StudioTwentyEight, but contents shown are from screenshots of the actual application itself.