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UK Grounds Lite iPhone Application

The latest iPhone app that I have developed and released to the app store is UK Grounds Lite. This app allows you to quickly and conveniently contact any professional football club in the UK, either by telephone or email.

The app also uses the mapping functionality on the phone to show the location of any ground within the UK.

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Recent Blogs

  1. xCode Keyboard Shortcuts

    19th October 2011
    By Mark

    This article lists the shortcuts that I use most frequently in the xCode development environment for Objective-C.

  2. Basic Photography for Beginners

    3rd August 2011
    By Mark

    This blog is an attempt to collate all of the information that I frequently need reminders for and put the details in one place. This will hopefully help me improve as a photographer.

  3. Subbuteo iPhone Application

    19th October 2010
    By Mark

    Subbuteo Makes it's debut on the iPhone!

    iKits is the first version of an iPhone application that displays the subbuteo heavyweight for an English League side for a chosen season between 1970 and 1975. If an away kit is available in the subbuteo range then that can be viewd as well.

  4. Subbuteo Table Football Game

    30th June 2010
    By Mark

    One man's obsession with collecting little plastic men.

    A personal history of my time playing subbuteo table football and collecting the myriad of teams that have been available over the years. I've included some photographs of my favourite kits.

  5. Objective-C Basics for iPhone Development

    23rd May 2010
    By Mark

    Basic questions and answers that I encountered while investigating iPhone development.

    It includes class declarations and specifications, as well as implementing a class. It also covers some of quirks I found concerning the symbols used and finally an overview of the use of delegates and protocols.

  6. Building an Accessible Web Page

    5th May 2010
    By Mark

    A basic approach to building an accessible web page using HTML to structure the content, CSS to present it and Javascript to enhance it.

    An overview of the testing strategy used to check the site.

  7. HTML 5 and Accessibility

    15th April 2010
    By Mark

    An overview of how this site was built using HTML 5 and CSS 3. It includes examples of some of the new tags available in HTML 5 and some of the effects that are possible with CSS3.

    Does HTML 5 Improve accessibility?

  8. Accessible Javascript, Event Bubbling and Event Handling

    8th April 2010
    By Mark

    Whilst building a page to demonstrate how to use Javascript and the DOM to dynamically create only the HTML tags required in order to implement the Javascript functionality if Javascript was enabled in the browser, I encountered an issue surrounding event handling the bubbling of Javascript events. I eventually used CSS to solve the problem